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Catch Will out and about on his home turf and local breaks!   July-Oct 2018
Pacific Paddle Games, Doheny
Oct 2018
Through My Eyes
Starlight Triangle Square Cinemas
1870 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

August 4th, 6:30pmAbout Will

my  Motivation

“Will is the fish that swims upstream. Not for the destination, but for the challenge that it presents”.

Will never envisioned his course in life flowing in this direction.

Although a lifelong athlete and adventurer, it took a near deadly struggle with depression and the loss of dear friends with the same affliction to understand his purpose and plight.

Utilizing oceanic therapy coupled with world record setting feats of daring skill and endurance, Will has become a formidable figure in the fight to humanize traumatic mental illnesses and the social stigma that surrounds them.

Will’s legendary unassisted stand up paddle of the American Pacific Coast from Canada to Mexico in 2014 solidified his status as a pioneer of stand up paddle endurance ocean sports. 1,386 miles and 1.25 million paddle strokes over 58 consecutive days led to his receipt of SUP Magazine’s “Top Expedition” Award, a feature on CBS Sport’s “Courage In Sports” special, as well as a flurry of live appearances, radio, television, and printed coverage.

Will is also known for previous expeditions through the California Channel Islands. He is the only 2 and 3 time solo stand up paddler across the length of the Catalina Channel as well as the fastest paddler to traverse the 40 mile stretch on multiple board length classes.

In 2013 he attempted a consecutive Channel Islands route that brought him 225 miles through the inner 5 islands in the 8 island chain from and back to mainland California.

 His continuing philanthropic effort through many additional fundraisers has topped $50,000.

Will Schmidt is a former United States Marine, a dedicated brand ambassador for SIC Maui SUP, a contributing author for TheInertia.com, a two time invited solo participant in the Moloka’i to Oahu Paddleboard World Championships, and has produced and starred in two documentary films recounting his own harrowing oceanic experiences.

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